Monday, July 27, 2015

Its gonna take forever...

Keeping myself busy non-stop like I did when I and her first broke up, yet this time is different... I keep myself busy to get to meet more people, understand more things, compare to the past where I just wanna forget her... No... Cause ik I will nv forget her, I give up on doing that.
I Love You Huiyi... But we were not meant to be together... You need a Love that is far way beyond what I can give, you need a bf with time, unlike me, I will nv satisfy your needs.
I won't call you selfish or whatsoever, thats you, no wrong to find your happiness, you make your decision.
I Let You go for that reason, you deserve someone who meet your needs and requirement.
So from the start, we were nv meant for each other, we just understand ourselves better after this relationship.
We went through alot, but know that no matter how much a relationship went through or how much we are in love, without making effort nothing will work out.
I did, but I guess my was not enough to please you. I won't say about you cause Idw judge anymore.
After losing you, I made more friends now, people who will be there for me, and I see you are much more happier now. Both of us have quite a happy ending?:)
Too bad we can nv be friends, you cut that off so yeah I shall do the same.
But well... I will nv forget you, the time we spent together is all my treasure, everything we experience together...
I am happy now at least!:)

Friday, July 24, 2015

You were my everything...

Everytime I'm out to places we went before... My eyes would keep scanning around, as if I am finding someone... Finding her... whether I am lucky to ever see her again... Yeah its contradicting... I have a heart that doesnt wanna meet you yet desires to meet you...
In the end... I still Love Her..
Well...Too late for anything...
NDP always makes me call of her... I enjoy it but also dislike it, just treating it as a opportunity to further improve myself... Though... I miss the times we are together for NDP... Without her... NDP is nv the same... Fun... Exciting... Passionate...

My Wallet...

Been thinking about her for the whole time otw to boon keng by taxi and for my first time... i lost my wallet, or should i say i forgotten it... Just imagine that lvl of distraction that it could cause me to lose my wallet... But well... ik what that means too...
Intend to buy a necklace... to hold the ring... reminding myself... to nv fall in love again... once is enough... i no longer have that courage for it... I have no worth.:)

Boon Keng

Tons of memories holds at there. Too much that I really don't wanna visit that place if I have a choice... That I don't have to see her again...Causw I might just break down right in front of her...
Today... I am require to teach at hongwen... So God... Pls... Don't let me see her...Pls... Don't let me have hope again... pls...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

在梦里, 我们跟往常一样, 一起玩, 牵手, 一起抱, 亲嘴, 到处走, 那里我不知道, 但你一直在笑, 笑得很灿烂。。。然我很。。。想你。。。
而我在我脑海里一直重复一句话。。。"那不是你!" , 但我每讲一次, 我心碎一次, 痛一次。。。原来, 对自己撒谎是这么的困难, 这么的辛苦。。。爱你的心还是存在。。。
但我知道, 你已经不爱我了。。。 我的目地达成了, 你爱上了别人, 他也还给你笑容。

Monday, July 20, 2015


我会对自己撒谎, 这一辈子, 对自己说我不爱你了, 跟自己说, 我不想见你, 摸你的手, 跟你说话, 亲你。。。我会对自己撒一辈子的谎。。。因为只要我一直撒谎, 我就不会来找你。。。


你最近很开心, 笑的很灿烂。。。拜托你, 继续这样笑下去, 我不能给你的, 我希望他能给你, 不 , 他一定能给你。。。谢谢你爱她, 然她不会再次想起我, 不是因为你代替了我, 而是你真的在她心里有了个地位, 所以她会忘了我。。。
我很痛苦, 还爱着你但只好放手, 我永远找不到我的幸福了。。。你快乐就好。。。
谁看了, 请不要说出去, 这是我的隐私, 但她给她的朋友看了, 我希望看的人, 别说出去。。。