Monday, June 29, 2015


说过那一天候, 我不会再哭。但。。。还是哭了。控制不了对你的思念, 但, 也不能在出现在你面前, 因为只有这样, 你才会开心, 不用想和我不愉快的事。。。

Saturday, June 27, 2015

All I want is power, to move forward

Nothing matters now, I just wanna keep moving forward, not turning back anymore... I understand what needs to be done.
You were my everything, I make you my everything, but in the end everything is just waste. I wanna just forget you now, hating you will be so much easier like you did to me, being heartless. You could throw away everything like it seem so easy, why am I even bother about a girl like you anymore?
I shouldn't, people all telling me it was a waste to stay by your side 2 years ago, no matter how much promises we make to each other even facing obstacles, in the end no feelings and you can just break, putting me down while I try chase you back, and what else? Telling me how much you regret this and that.
Your not worth it anymore, you don't deserve to be love from the start, you don't even know what is love from the start, your just looking for a bf that could satisfy your needs, money, company. I was stupid to give you so much, and you just left and listen to all your seniors, well you are relying on them, your nv gonna change so for goodness sake, forget her shawn...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

When I need "you" the most...

You came in to my life when I need you the most, it seem as if fate has arrange everything to happen...
The way you speak, simple clear cut, yet I feel so comfortable with it, as if we can just speak without holding back about anything, not everything yet but yeah...
You cheer me up, your willing to understand me, you make yourself clear, we don't get piss off, nor i feeling spikes in your words.
Maybe I have yet to know all of you, but I look forward to the days we will talk to each other more and often.

Thanks for coming into my life.:).

Monday, June 22, 2015

Something is happening...

Something is happening~.Hmm idk whether its a good feeling or not but ik it did shake my heart for a few times, like I feel...Mature? Hmm...idk, this feeling is really good, and very direct... feel very comfortable.:).
I hope it happens more, I just feel like something is changing in me and this feeling... as if... something is guiding me to somewhere... a bigger world... a mysteries world...
Something I only felt when I am with 师傅, cutting the comfortable part cause I am still very nervous in front of him haha!
Its really getting my tension up!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Competition 31st July to 4th August

Participating in the upcoming wushu competitions.
I am giving 120% of myself into this, its not only about myself actually, its also about those who have really actually put in alot of effort to educate me, hoping to make them proud, especially 师傅 whos been teaching me for this 1 and a half year.
Less than 2 months to further improve the skills and rhythm, it will be fun.:)
In this next 3 months there will be 3 competitions to join, I am gonna participate in every of it if possible, taking on 八级拳.
If I won, its a bonus
If I lose, its a lesson.
Okay... I still want to win even saying something so 大道理.:P

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Zouk is fun!

Went zouk today, and it seem so fun and interesting. Well the atmosphere really can bring your whole fun spirit up,just went one day and I think I dance even crazier than my friends that went along.:P
One of the stranger actually grab my hand and offer me touch a girl friend of his (waist only),I pull my hand back and rejected, I think when I reject he probably thought I was a gay or still a virgin? Maybe... I should have really just touch it...
Well... the true is that... I couldn't... Cause I felt like I was gonna betray my heart, the heart that still Loves huiyi... The loyal and faith... I really wanna let go... I told myself that I should forget about her and get wasted at zouk today, but I didn't happen...Yes I did play until a point that even if I recall her, I felt like I have no feelings for her anymore... But that moment came... and I felt responsibility helding me there...
How I wish I had accept that guy offer, and from there... I could slowly accept other girls...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Zouk tmr!:)

Hope it lives up to my expectations tmr!:)
Really wanna play and drink and just go crazy man!
Huiyi that I Love,if your there pls hope I can soon find a girl I like, love and get together with her, so that I can forget the you now...
I wanna let go everything about her now... There was once I accepted her, but she just don't give a damn chance to start again, she is not as strong as you...
But seeing her trying her best now to becoming independent, it also kinds of cheers me up haha. Cause like finally she is putting alot of effort in it, but I have a feeling she will find another guy soon and wants to depend on him again...
You can say I look down on her ba after 6 months with her, but yeap! Hope this time she change for good!:)
I myself need to change to! So much to experience and have fun~.
I Love You! Thank you for giving me so much memories! Our most memorable ones were the ones we fight for our relationship!
And now! I hope I will forget the you now soon, and start the next chapter of my life.:)