Friday, December 11, 2015


Finding hypocrite humans being very hilarious at some point of time...
Everyone judges people through their actions and words, has anyone thought of why is that so?
Actions displays 2 things, what you wanna show to other people or what kind of person you really are... People are free to judge and you definitely have no rights to complain about it...
Think about it, if you wanna be yourself than just fucking let people judge you, what are you afraid or being over concern of?
If the judging makes sense I suppose they just help you some way in life to find a better "you", else just listen and forget about it. Life will proof whether your in the right track, and complaining just shows how puny your "heart" is.
But trying to cut off all the judgements and only make yourself available to the sweet coated words... You are a damn fuck up person... Worst, fighting back without much thoughts into it...
I am sure 5 years ago everyone will thought "i found true love", in another 5 years they probably say "this time is true love for real" , and another 5 years your probably will hear "fuck, how did i end up falling in love with that 2 bloody assholes"😂
Humans change over the years... not everyone is the same in the next coming years... and also doesn't mean that as years goes your definitely a better person...
Judgements from other people are important, cause majority of the times your actions might display what you are truly lacking and the answer to your solutions.
Don't come up with some superstitions ideas like "god will help me" , "cause my horoscope is like that so i am like that" , "i am my own god". Yeah like hell they will come help you if all you didn't put effort to it, or being overly obsess with yourself... Ego problems.
If you reject every judgement, life in some way will reject you. The only people you can ever clique with is people who are exactly having the same pattern as you or is super mature to accept thats you, which they are the ones who usually succeed in life.
Have a big heart, reflect more, speak less, listen more. And really stand on the third point of view.

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