Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Are you the one...?

Its been awhile since I grow fond of someone...
Whenever I see pretty girls walking pass, all I ever concern was admiring that one moment of beauty that might never appear again. Nothing more nothing less. Well I am not sure how other guys might react in that situation but I might be a weird one!😂
But you were different... You were the kind I predicted that we won't have a long conversation to begin with, nor will be interested to start one whenever we put a pause to it. But I guess... You proof me wrong.
Somehow... I was attracted by your nature...
Let see... Stm , Silly girl , blur queen etc.
There are tons of flaws you have, which supposedly makes you less appealing to me... But somehow it didn't happen that way...
Maybe I am a weird one but... Does someone's flaws makes you happy?
Don't misunderstand. I am not a sadist. Not that kind of happiness through others suffering.
It somehow seems that I am appeal to you. Whether is your flaws , your nature , your character , or mindset.
"Thats you😊"
That is what always come up to my mind when you act as yourself...
You make me feel like I am a human again... I don't need to be a perfect being nor follow what the world needs me to be.
I am not sure whether this is a friendship or a new start... But what I know is that, I am grateful and appreciating your existence in my life... Thank you!😊
It is not the right time yet...

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