Saturday, October 30, 2010

Everytime I see you,
I kinda feel shy.
Everytime u walk by,
I hope u notice me.
Everytime u smile,
I can't help but smile with u.
Everytime our eyes meet,
I wish u were mine
I'll treasure u,with all of my heart,
I'll hold u tight,with all of my might,
I'll shower u,with all of my love,
If only u were mine,
Girl please be mine.............

Awesome song created by Wallance,Reuben,Joel,Shang Zhi n Wei Jie
Love this song alot...,even the lyrics is stick to my head... :D,not that bored la this week...,just that nothing better to do only...,training at school as usual...,slack alot,no motivation...,n i got cut on my left middle finger by the 刀,which was very careless of me...,was bleeding quite alot...Ouch?

Sherlly : True what!!!Got dream boy forget about us liao ma,got say wrong meh... :D.If i have to ask u for permission to push u down the pool,not shiok liao... :P.

Tmr is another bored day man...,nothing to do...,sigh... :(,not going to share any photos today ba,maybe next time lor... :D

(Wants to get closer to you...,but scared that u will feel annoy by me...,wha should i do...)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have a very good time :D

Have been quite busy this few days,going out with friends,training n all sort of things,which is like totally chasing all my boredness away...,which is a good thing :D
Sherlly : Thx for inviting me to your Birthday :D,it was fun,especially the part which i throw u inside the pool,very shiok!!! :P,jkjk . Haha...,hope u like my present... :D,n thx for letting me know your friends :D
Ying Suean : I don't love u... :P,haha...,jkjk,next time the 3 of us go out together k?n don't be like Sherlly,got dream boy don't come out with us liao... :(
Finally going for service in two days time...,haven't been to it for 2 weeks due to exams n all other stuff...,gonna have a splendid time with them... :D
Training today,got to work hard,else try to go take my exam in next year february,all else i think i am really improving too slow...n have to train my leg muscles also,got problem hanging in the air...
K,thats all for today...,next time post may bring some pictures along... :D

Some things to share :
"There is no such thing call perfect,so there is always room for improvement"
"Don't just stand there,u will rot"

Can anyone teach me how to make stars?I forgot how to do le...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yahoo!!!! :D

Finally!!!Exams r over man...,happy liao,haha....
Today had a very fun day,laugh until stomache pain,play will stanley pool for 4 hours at SAFRA,,he go act a pro say "If u win me else 1 round in 5 rounds,i will pay for the pool",end up in the 4th round i won him,than he say another 3 rounds than decide...,end up i pay,obvious la,i not as good as him,which he have a champion in pool uncle to teach him in malaysia...,which can say winning him is like 90% luck,10% skills :P.Saw Lorenzo n his friends than end up playing until crazy,which was a good thing after pangsei by Ying Tong... :D.
After that went eat,than go arcade play game...,n I saw ..................,haha...,stanley will start screaming at me if i say anything....,so better not :P.

Someone just ask me this question recently...,"wushu is hard,boring,lame,so y find yourself the trouble learning it,while u can go do other better stuff like play bball,or maybe even go train how to fight in combat if u really want to beat up some guy". (in chinese)

Stupid comment given by a fat ass...,firstly,i do not train to fight,i train to protect what i truely want n need to.Secondly,what part of life is not hard,well,i don't blame u if u have no hard time in your life since u only care about yourself,which i know u don't mind sticking onto the computer for 24 hours n keep on growing fat,n waste the rest of your life rotting...Thirdly,don't talk about something which u haven't even attend it once yet,wushu is not lame or boring k,every move,style n training has it's own reason of existence,if u think your so good y not u try it...

Anyway....,just something to share with u guys...
"One must remove their speck from their eyes n heart to start saying about people action"
"Do not judge if u don't want to be judge"

Friday, October 8, 2010

1 word ---- DIE!!! :/

Finally,left two papers,DNT n Math(drawing),going to be easy for Maths,DNT will be very challenging...,can't slack off...
Wushu resuming in 4 days time :D,which is the most entertaining thing for me,can't wait,can feel my bone all very hard liao after 2 weeks nv stretch...,surely pain like hell one,but still enjoy the whole process... :D
Exams i can go die liao,totally epic fail,see my average scorings...
A math : B3 - U
Math : A1 - C5
Chinese : B3 - C5
English : B3 -C5
Physic : U
Chemitry : A1 - B4
Geography : U
Social Studies : U
DNT : (probably) U

See how poor the result is?!

Can die liao,don't even know can go up to sec 4 or not le,with this kind of marks...,sian,i just hope everything goes well ba,else get a pass n go sec 4,or even better,change me to sec 4B - 4B1,if possible...

I can't believe what happen on this week tuesday,both my mum n i were argueing in the top of our voice at the middle of the night,which i was suppose to be studying math for Wednesday,first time cry in this year...can't believe it man...,i was studying n she was like telling me go sleep,than end up in a fight,kind of stupid isn't it,n i cried in the night while studying...,but everything went good on wednesday la,not talking about the Maths test,it went totally ridiculous,just great that night incident didn't affect us much,so we treat it as nothing happen before lor...,n was very glad the neighbours didn't mind much about it,so it was a happy ending i guess :/

Well,got to go,see u guys on monday...

(The love for u is never ending,everlasting...)